There are many defining moments in a country’s history and when Ben Johnson won the Olympic 100 meter dash with such an impressive time, the entire country was rocked. Canada proudly claimed him as its own. His criminal case later impacted sports history in another way, in respect to the use of steroids. Then he was Jamaican! It showed how race and sports create high tensions and higher expectations.

When an earlier sprinter, Harry Jerome, had issues with his legs that ultimately had him pull out of a major race, he too was marginalized since it was felt that he was not really trying his best. Today he is remembered through the Harry Jerome Awards for excellence in a range of fields. Excellence includes the effort to reach the top.

However, there have been a number of African-Canadians, who, despite the issues of their day, managed to achieve national and international acclaim. Sports figures such as 1936 Olympian Sammy Richardson (long jump), George Dixon and Sam Langford (boxing), Ferguson Jenkins (baseball), and Willie O’Ree (hockey), excelled in their fields.

Contemporary athletes, such as Sylvia Sweeney (basketball), Charmaine Crooks (runner), Donovan Bailey (sprinter), and Jarome Iginla (hockey) have continued the legacy of outstanding achievement in athletics. There are many others making their way up through the ranks.

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