African Heritage

Black immigration has increased from African countries since the 1980s with Africans arriving to study and then deciding to stay, especially from countries such as Nigeria and Ghana, or they came due to wars in Rwanda, or as the result of political changes such as apartheid and post apartheid South Africa. Canada has benefited from the upheavals in the countries that caused them to immigrate. These more recent arrivals have been highly educated and skilled. In order to maintain their languages and culture and their sense of community, numerous African groups have developed to provide a bit of structure for the maintenance of their heritage. To reach out to the rest of the population, African language, drumming, and dance classes have been introduced to share some aspects of African culture. The Planet Africa Network produces a nationally aired television initiative and an annual awards gala to raise awareness about Africans within Canada and on the African continent.

Igbo Cultural Association of Calgary
This association organizes programs and events that promotes the Igbo culture and positively contributes to the Canadian Multicultural Mosaic

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African Heritage Month
A learning activity dedicated to African Heritage Month in Canada. From the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board.

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