Education and Advocacy

It is important to remember that a law will encourage people to follow it because of the risk of fines or imprisonment, but it may not change the way people think. Changing the way that people think is part of a process; people do not adopt racist views in a short period. Becoming more tolerant will not happen just because of a law.

We usually think about schools when we think about education. Formal education is a provincial responsibility. However, the Ontario curriculum does not tend to require that all students take African-Canadian history, yet half of all Canadians of African origin live in Toronto! So how can this knowledge be obtained? Many educators, parents, and students find ways to incorporate aspects of African-Canadian history and experience and other anti-racist approaches through the books, websites, and community organizations that they contact. They also advocate, or demand, that more about the experience, accomplishments, and contributions of people of African origin in Canada and from around the world be accessible.

There are African-Canadian organizations across Canada, from Black history societies to cultural centres, and from museums to arts groups. These organizations often advocate for the inclusion of their history, their voices, their experience, and their images. While schools do provide the basics, learning is something that can continue after graduation, through reading, interacting with others, and through advocating for the missing material so that others will benefit from a broader range of knowledge.

The Hon. Calvin Woodrow Ruck, C.M., LL.D.
The Parliament of Canada profile of The Hon. Calvin Woodrow Ruck, C.M., LL.D.

Sorrow at Passing of Calvin Ruck
A brief obituary for community activist and former Nova Scotia Senator Calvin Ruck. From the website for the Government of Nova Scotia.

Dr. Calvin W. Ruck
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The Haligonians: 100 Fascinating Lives from the Halifax Region
Scroll down to page 115 for a biography and photograph of the late Senator and community leader Calvin W. Ruck. From the book The Haligonians: 100 Fascinating Lives from the Halifax Region. From Google Books

Dr. Calvin W. Ruck Scholarship
Information page about the Dr. Calvin W. Ruck Scholarship granted by the School of Social Work, Dalhousie University. Includes a photograph and brief profile of Dr. Ruck.

Canada's Black Battalion: No. 2 Construction
Read an online digitized copy of Calvin Ruck’s book Canada's Black Battalion: No. 2 Construction, 1916-1920. From the Our Roots website.

Speak It! From The Heart of Black Nova Scotia
View a National Film Board video clip about confronting racism in Canadian society.

Discrimination, Human Rights and You
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The website for the Northern Alberta Alliance on Race Relations.

Youth Against Racism
Educational programs for combating racism in Canadian schools. With a glossary. From the Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia.

Youth Forums Against Racism
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Cross-cultural conflicts
Learning activities that explore the root causes of cross-cultural conflicts and seek out reasonable solutions.