Chronology of the Abolition of Enslavement
This document offers a chronology of measures taken to abolish enslavement around the world. From

Celebrating Emancipation Day
Scroll down to "Celebrating Emancipation Day," an article that offers a brief account of Frederick Douglass and Josiah Henson celebrating the 20th anniversary of British Emancipation at the Dawn Settlement in 1854. From Heritage Matters, a publication of the Ontario Heritage Foundation.

Frederick Douglass
Read the full text of the 1845 autobiography The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave. Written by Himself. From Google Books.

Legacy in Light: Frederick Douglass
Scroll down to pages 32 and 33 to view a photograph of Frederick Douglass and an accompanying description of this item. From the book Legacy in Light: Photographic Treasures from Philadelphia Area Public Collections. From Google Books.

From Slavery to Freedom
Scroll down to read "Chloe Cooley and the Limitation of Slavery in Ontario" and view a digitized image of the Anti-Slavery Act. This site also highlights the current network of Black heritage sites in Ontario. From a special edition of Heritage Matters, a publication of the Ontario Heritage Trust.

Retracing Niagara
This travel article provides a description of a limestone mural and small monument in Niagara-on-the-Lake that references Black slave Chloe Cooley’s forced and violent removal to slave masters in the US. Also mentions other monuments located along Niagara’s Freedom Trail. From the website.

Provincial plaque: Chloe Cooley and the 1793 Act to Limit Slavery in Upper Canada
Read the text of a provincial plaque that commemorates Chloe Cooley and the 1793 Act to Limit Slavery in Upper Canada. From the website for the Ontario Heritage Trust.

From Midnight to Dawn: The Last Tracks of the Underground Railroad
Click on "Preview this book" and then scroll down to page 152 for an account of the horrific "Chloe Cooley incident" which ultimately contributed to the development of Canada's first antislavery legislation in 1793. From Google Books.

August 1 is Emancipation Day in Ontario
This article includes a reference to Chloe Cooley, an enslaved African woman was forcibly taken to US territory to be sold as a slave. From the website for the share newspaper.

Historical context for the Racism, Violence, and Health Project
This paper offers a concise review of historical issues and events involving the Black community in Canada. By Adrienne Shadd. From the Dalhousie University website.

What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?
An article about Frederick Douglass's Fourth of July address that focuses on the abolition of enslavement. Includes a reference to enslaved Africans fleeing to Canada. From Time magazine.

Ward Chipman
A brief profile of Ward Chipman, whose defence of an enslaved African contributed to the abolition of enslavement in New Brunswick. From The Canadian Encyclopedia.

Slavery's long destructive legacy
This article recognizes Canadians who contributed to the abolition of enslavement. From

Notes for a presentation: Stories from The Little Black School House.
In this paper, Sylvia D. Hamilton talks about Canadian's unfamiliarity with the prevelence of enslavement in the early years of our history. From the Trudeau Foundation.

I've Got A Home In Glory Land
An interactive website for I've Got A Home In Glory Land, a book that chronicles Thornton and Lucie Blackburn's harrowing escape from enslavement in the US, landmark legal triumphs in Canada, and their successful business ventures in the Town of York (Toronto). From

Bell pealed freedom for slaves
A news story about a display of a replica of the Buxton bell at the Ontario Legislature (Toronto) in honour of Black History Month, the memory of the Underground Railroad, and the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade. From

British Anti-slavery Movement
This BBC article offers a rationale for the success of the anti-slavery movement in Britain in the 19th century.

Emancipation Day Act, 2008
The Preamble to the Government of Ontario’s Emancipation Day Act, 2008. Includes a brief summary of noteworthy historical events of concern to the Black community in Ontario.

Emancipation Day Act, 1999
Read the full text of the Preamble to the Emancipation Day Act, 1999 from the website for the House of Commons, Government of Canada.

The Abolition of Slavery in the British Empire
Read the text of "An Act for the Abolition of Slavery throughout the British Colonies, 1833." From Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Done With Slavery
A review of Done With Slavery, a book that examines the history of enslavement in Montréal. From the Montreal Review of Books.

Black History Month: Breaking the Colour Barrier
This article about Black History Month in Montréal refers to Jackie Robinson, a Black baseball player on the Montreal Royals team in the 1940s. From The Gazette newspaper.

Black then: Blacks and Montreal, 1780-1880's
Read excerpts from Black then: Blacks and Montreal, 1780-1880's, a book that chronicles the lives of notable African persons in colonial and post-Confederation Montréal. From Google Books.

Notice Regarding an Escaped Enslaved Person
View a digitized copy of a “Notice Regarding an Escaped Enslaved Person, 1781” from the August 24, 1781 edition of the Quebec Gazette. From the website The Anti-Slavery Movement in Canada, Library and Archives Canada.

The Case of the Fugitive Slave
A fascinating account about judicial proceedings brought against formerly enslaved John Anderson in Montréal and the case of Lavinia Bell, another formerly enslaved person who had been brutally abused by former owners in the US. From the website Some Missing Pages.

Addressing Quebec’s Black History
An article in which Montréal writer Dr. Dorothy Williams suggests Canadians take a closer look at this country’s past ties to enslavement. From the website for the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph.

History of Canada
Page 441 of this book offers references to the eventual end of the practice of enslavement in Montréal and other regions in Canada. From Google Books.

Quebec, past and present: a history of Quebec, 1608-1876
Page 249 refers to legislation in Quebec and other Canadian jurisdictions regarding the legality of enslavement in this country. From Google Books.

Pierre-Louis Panet
A biography of Pierre-Louis Panet, lawyer and office holder, who, in 1793, unsuccessfully introduced a bill on the abolition of slavery in the Lower Canada parliament. From the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online.

From the Abolition of the Slave Trade to the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
From the Abolition of the Slave Trade to the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Scroll down the page for a brief reference to calls for the abolition of enslavement in late 18th century Lower Canada. The text of a speech by Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean. From the website for the General Governor of Canada.

Journal de la chambre d'assemblee du Bas-Canada, Volume 7
On page 126, read an account of the landmark 1798 legal case involving Charloette, an enslaved woman residing in Montréal. From Google Books.

Chronology of the Abolition of Slavery
A brief chronology of events leading to the abolition of slavery in Canada and the United States. From the North American Black Historical Museum.

Slavery in Canada
An interactive timeline about key events in Black Canadian history. Includes a reference to an enslaved African, Olivier Le Jeune, who died a free man in Québec. From the CBC website.

Slavery Rulings: Judges refuse to treat people as property
Scroll down to the story about two Nova Scotia chief justices, Thomas Strange and Sampson Blowers, who fought against enslavement. From the Courts of Nova Scotia.

John Graves Simcoe
An article about the first lieutenant-governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe, who fought to eradicate slavery. From The Canadian Encyclopedia.

10,000 Nova Scotians fought against slavery
An article from shunpiking magazine about the participation of White and Black Nova Scotians in the US Civil War.

Black History in Ontario: The End of Slavery
An online exhibit featuring dramatic digitized images and documents that chronicle the eventual abolition of slavery in Upper Canada. From the Archives of Ontario.

The Abolition Movement in British North America
An article about the lasting impact of the Abolition Movement in British North America. From Parks Canada.

The Abolition of the Slave Trade in the British Empire
A brief note about the abolition of slavery in Upper Canada. From Citizenship and Immigration Canada.