The African Diaspora: Revisionist Interpretations of Ethnicity, Culture, and Religion under Slavery
A historical analysis of the ethnic and cultural diversity of the African Diaspora in North America and elsewhere. Also focuses on the resistance to slavery and the abolition movement. A PDF file.

The Black Church in Canada
About the role of religion in the Black community. Also focuses on the history of enslavement in Canada. From McMaster University.

Celebrating Emancipation Day
Scroll down to "Celebrating Emancipation Day," a brief account of Frederick Douglass and Josiah Henson celebrating the 20th anniversary of British Emancipation the at the Dawn Settlement in 1854. From Heritage Matters, a publication of the Ontario Heritage Foundation.

August 1 is Emancipation Day in Ontario
An article about the halting attempts to ban the practice of enslavement in the British Empire in the early 19th century. From the newspaper Share.

Emancipation Celebration Festival
The website for the Owen Sound Emancipation Celebration Picnic which commemorates the British Commonwealth Emancipation Act of August 1, 1834.

Slavery and the Judges of Loyalist New Brunswick
An article about the debate over the legality of “Negro slavery” in New Brunswick in the early 19th century. From the website Black Loyalists in New Brunswick.

From Slavery to Freedom
Scroll down to “Chloe Cooley and the Limitation of Slavery in Ontario,” which describes the circumstances surrounding the introduction of an Act which limited the practice of enslavement in Upper Canada. Accompanying the article is an image of a digitized copy of the Act. This site also highlights the current network of Black heritage sites in Ontario. From a special edition of Heritage Matters, a publication of the Ontario Heritage Trust.

Black History Month
A brief feature about the origins of Black History Month in Canada. From the website for Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Slavery in the Black Loyalists' Story
A brief article about the history of slavery in Canada. Includes a historical advertisement about auctions of enslaved people. A Nova Scotia Museum website.

A brief history of the practice of slavery in Canada. Includes links to related articles. From The Canadian Encyclopedia.

This article covers major issues and events in over 400 years of Black Canadian history. From The Canadian Encyclopedia.

A definition of the word "enslavement" and other terms related to human rights. From the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

A Past, Denied: The Invisible History of Slavery in Canada
Watch the trailer for A Past, Denied: The Invisible History of Slavery in Canada, a feature-length documentary by independent filmmaker Mike Barber

African Nova Scotians in the Age of Slavery and Abolition
Focuses on the importation of enslaved Blacks to Nova Scotia during the 18th century. With illustrations and documents. A Province of Nova Scotia website.

Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia
An article describing the treatment of enslaved Blacks who were brought to the Maritimes in the 18th century. From the Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia.

Slavery in New Brunswick
This website displays 18th-century newspaper ads for auctions of enslaved people in New Brunswick.

Slave Trade
Background information about the history of slavery in North and South America. From Parks Canada.

I Came As a Stranger - The Underground Railroad
A book synopsis and excerpt that focuses on the Underground Railroad and the extent of enslavement in Canada. From Tundra Books.

The Freedom Fighters
This article about the history of Black Canadians covers enslavement, the Underground Railroad, and the military. From Esprit de Corps.

The Refugee
This site offers full-text narratives describing life while enslaved, from Harriet Tubman and others. From the University of North Carolina.

Jack, a Black slave
An intriguing story about an 18th-century legal fight over the ownership of an enslaved Black person in Nova Scotia. A University of Victoria website.

Slave Voyages [PDF]
The transatlantic trade in enslaved Africans. Scroll down to the historical timeline. A United Nations document.

Teaching About The Transatlantic Slave Trade
An extensive selection of multidisciplinary learning activities about the transatlantic slave trade. A United Nations document.

A brief story about the first recorded enslaved person sold in New France. From The Kids' Site of Canadian Settlement, Library and Archives Canada.