Instant Lesson Plans
Lesson plans based on historical material found at the website the Archives of Ontario.

Black Loyalists and the Sierra Leone Connection
A lesson plan about Black Loyalists and the Sierra Leone connection. From the website for Drum! - a multicultural musical production.

African Canadian Roads to Freedom
Teachers guide about Black Canadian history with a focus on local people and events. From the Greater Essex County District School Board.

Teaching Human Rights in Elementary Classrooms: A Literary Approach
Suggestions for teaching human rights in elementary classrooms. A University of Alberta website.

To Be a Slave
Multidisciplinary learning activities about Black history. A Government of Saskatchewan website.

Harriet Tubman: Recognizing The Human Agency
A multidisciplinary learning guide about slavery, Harriet Tubman, and more. From Canada's National History Society.

Nova Scotia Black Pioneers
Learning activities about Nova Scotian Black history. From the Black Educators Association of Nova Scotia.

Historical Fiction in the Classroom
Teaching guide based on the Rachel books in the Our Canadian Girl series. From Penguin Group (Canada.)

The Maybe House
A teacher’s guide to the historical novel The Maybe House by Lynne Kositsky. From Penguin Group (Canada.)

African Heritage Month
African Heritage Month resources from the Toronto District School Board.

People of African Descent
Lesson plans based on works of art by Black artists and more. From the National Gallery of Canada.

The Adinkra Story
Hands-on learning activities with Adinkra patterns from Africa. An OXFAM website.

Who Are Ontario’s People?
Hands-on learning activity about Ontario’s immigrant population. A Thomson Nelson website.

African Canadian History in Atlantic Canada
Teaching guide that focuses on Black history in Canada’s Maritimes. From The Learners’ Portal.

Making Canadian History More Inclusive Through the Multi-Media
A review of this extensive multimedia resource about the history of Atlantic Canada.

Shades of Black to teachers’ resources
Includes a checklist for identifying racial and cultural biases in library resources.

African Canadians in sport
A lesson plan based on the Historica Footprints series. Focuses on Black athletes and the prevalence of racial discrimination in Canadian society.

Race and Respect
A compilation of interactive, drama-based activities designed to raise awareness about human rights and culture. From the Northern Alberta Alliance on Race Relations.

Human Rights Milestones
About historic legal actions related to human rights of Canadians. With teachers’ guides. A Department of Justice Canada website.

Student Information Page: Differences
This teaching guide focuses on multiculturalism issues in Canada. A Government of Saskatchewan website.

Black History
Teaching guide about Black History. A Government of Saskatchewan website.

Early Black Canadian History
Offers teaching tips for comparing Black Canadian and Black American history. From the University of Washington.

Richard Pierpoint
A learning activity that focuses on the life of Richard Pierpoint, a former slave, soldier, and settler. From the EduNET website.

Uncle Tom's Cabin Unit of Study
This learning guide focuses on Harriet Beecher Stowe and the impact of her novel Uncle Tom's Cabin. A PBS website.

African Slave Trade
Lesson plans about the African slave trade and related issues. A State of Wisconsin website.

Beyond Heroes and Holidays
Data for a guide to multicultural and anti-racism learning activities. A Government of Nova Scotia website.

The Black Canadians: Their History and Contributions
About the history of Blacks in Canada. A Government of Nova Scotia website.

Multicultural Games
Brief reference to teaching guide about multicultural games. A Government of Nova Scotia website.

Teacher's Guide: The Spirit of Africville and Remember Africville
Brief reference to a multidisciplinary teacher’s guide about Africville.

Keystone From Then to Now... Where Did It Go?
Educational program about the history of Keystone and other Black settlements in Alberta. From Alberta’s Heritage Community Foundation.